Available Space invites Artists and Curators to contact us with temporary art projects for public and commercial spaces. 

Information for Artists

Available Space seeks out vacant storefronts and under utilized public spaces across Miami-Dade. The locations range from public spaces that may be viewed 24/7 to billboards to storefronts and to interior spaces.

We encourage a variety of artworks from artists and groups, including:

  1. 1.-live art

  2. 2.-video/new media

  3. 3.-sculpture

  4. 4.-installations


Since every project is situated in a different location- every ‘match’ will have its own set of guidelines in terms of size, visibility, and other physical requirements.

Artists are responsible for the supply, set-up and installation of your project. Due to the ‘pop-up’ nature of our exhibitions, you should also be prepared to remove your work within 30 days should the space be rented.

Every submission is reviewed by the Available Space team and Advisory Committee.

We are currently seeking sites across Miami-Dade, so any recommendations/connections you may have are welcome!

Click “SUBMIT YOUR WORK” in the menu, to learn how to do just that!