JUKEBOX by TJ Ahearn


December 1 - 4, 2011

“The music spanning the Sixties and Seventies represents a dynamic shift in the cultural strata of western civilization and beyond. Rock 'n Roll the prevailing musical genre signifying that era remains embedded in our contemporary society -- to the point of banality as it is often co-opted for TV advertising and mass media. The evocative, imaginary scenes in the works in this show are ignited by the spark of the music's intent and flavor-- reflections on concepts of Utopianism, sexual liberation, spirituality, ecology, war resistance and other themes that continue to be relevant today.”

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Art and Culture Center of Hollywood


Location: North Beach,FL

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Date: Spring 2012

There are currently seven properties in the North Beach district of Miami Beach that are on “construction hold”.

Solution: By taking advantage of the City’s requirement for site mesh/wraps Available space has discovered a new platform for art in public places. Artists apply with works and a jury composed of arts professionals and community residents selects a vibrant work of art by a Miami-based artist.

Benefit: Street-scape improvement creates aesthetic interest and demonstrates the power of contemporary art to transform neighborhoods.



Location: 69 E. Flagler Street, Miami

Date: October 16, 2010

At Available Space’s new downtown location, the artist will perform a live, inverted “drawing” made by peeling away black vinyl on the glass storefront. “Ambivert: Structure” is a dynamic use of an unoccupied retail space.

Special thanks to Christopher Miro and to property owner Aaron Goldstein.


by Michelle Weinberg

Location: TBD

“Convenience Store” is a store within a store, a replica pop-up corner shop,a shrine to the expectation of consumers accustomed to fulfilling their shopping needs on any corner anywhere at any hour. Its plexiglas storefront flickers with moving images rear-projected from within.

Original animations and videos by Weinberg present brief scenarios on shopping and window shopping, from the mundane to the abstract: coveting fetishized trinkets, urgently seeking serviceable workaday items, even the desires of objects themselves to become animate or immortal.

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